Met Ball through the years

Who else is ready for Met Ball?

Pearls, Diamonds and Everything Else

Tonight the east coast is preparing for the years big event Met Ball. You could also call it east coast Oscars…with no Oscars of course. The Costume Institute Gala or as most of us refer to it Met Ball is an annual ball that celebrates the opening of the Metropolitan Museum‘s  fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. Each year the event as a theme and this year it’s PUNK to celebrate opening of PUNK: Chaos to Couture. As it is the biggest fashion night of the year we’ll see many designers and celebrities wearing their absolute best and the usual safe options are not an option at all.

I can’t wait to see the fabulous gowns tonight.

Met Ball is like a prom and everybody is gossiping and whispering about who is taking who. This year the rumor is: Michael Kors will take Jennifer Lopez, Valentino is taking Gwyneth…

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Lilly Pulitzer for Ebay???










Just a quick look to see how much are some of the more popular items from Lilly Pulitzer for Target line on Ebay.

There was no reason or rhyme as far as the screenshots go, just to show the price range.

Original price $34, on Ebay between $80-175

On Ebay: $80+

On Ebay: $110+

On Ebay $175+:


Original price $38, on Ebay between $75-150

On Ebay:$75+

On Ebay: $90+

On Ebay: $129.99+

On Ebay: $ 150+

Another one that seems to be popular on Ebay is this pink dress:



Original price $38, on Ebay between $80-115

On Ebay: $115+




On Ebay: $80+

This blue dress is another big hit on Ebay:




Original price $38, anywhere between $80-150 on Ebay

on Ebay $80+:

on Ebay $150+:

on Ebay $100+:

Lilly Pulitzer for Target? or Ebay?


Like many other shopaholics I was excited for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration. I have never been a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer but I have always found items that I liked, mostly things that would get used in my “office”: notebooks, trays, tumblers etc. Nothing big or fancy!

Definitely bright, colorful and very girly!

As much as I like her  dresses they are not particularly my style and would look just silly on me. After all I’m super pale brunette so the whole southern charm is kind of a miss😉

Lilly Pulitzer is just not a brand I would spend on. Well, let me rephrase it: It’s not a brand I would spend that much on!

And that’s why I was excited for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration: I could shop guilt free and not really spend that much!

Things on my “wish list” were:

Flip flops


I could just see myself wearing these cute pineapple and starfish flip flops.



These two pairs were my only true want!


Another thing on my list was espadrilles. Not a big fan but since they had the same ones for girls. I had this great idea how we could get matching shoes with PrettyPrettyPrincess. In all reality I probably would have worn them like once because she wanted and she would have got hers muddy in the first 3 days by walking through the mud to pick flowers for me.

Thank God, they were out and I saved $44!


This bag was another want!

This bag would have been perfect for the trips to the pool.

I’m kind of paranoid of my real bag getting ruined so that would have been perfect cheapo at $18 plus it’s cute and a 6-year-old-loves it so win-win…well, since I didn’t get it it was more of a loss but oh well!


Another maybe on my list! I love how cute it looks on her but I’m not sure I would really wear it. Since I didn’t get it I don’t have to worry about it!


I love to shop but I love my sleep and as long as they are not handing out free Chanel or Hermes I won’t be getting up super early! I have been sick the whole week so I was up at 6:30 and made it Target at 9. Don’t judge, I was watching tv and eating yogurt!


Everything that was left of Lilly Pulitzer for Target was empty racks, random items around the store and ladies that had their best gym gear, that more than likely had never seen the inside of the gym, on pushing carts full off Lilly for Target.  I’m sure most of the items in their carts hit Ebay the second they got home.


I guess people were lined up before the opening, in the rain, and everything was sold out in the first 5 minutes. Looking at the small empty racks it doesn’t surprise me! At first I thought maybe it was just our Target that didn’t get that much of the merchandise but after talking with other shopaholics it looks like number of items was really limited this time.

Was it bad planning on Target’s and Lilly Pulitzer’s part? Considering all the problems people were having online it wouldn’t surprise me!


I’m sure many things will be sold on Ebay, quite a few will be returned to Target in the next 14 days and some will be sitting at the back of the closet till the next hot designer collaboration will take its place.

I did find couple a few dresses, a romper and a top for my PrettyPrettyPrincess though when we were walking through the store and looking at books and toys. She picked dresses so we did not leave empty handed but in the end I can see why so many are disappointed and upset, especially the ladies that love Lilly Pulitzer but can’t afford it.








Few weeks ago I received my new YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils from Influenster.

I have used YSL mascaras before so the beautiful packaging did not come as a surprise. As a mom who works from home I usually have a quite busy schedule, no matter if it’s play dates with kids or I’m on a conference call….

My makeup routine is pretty simple: touch of blush, mascara and Blistex (addicted to that stuff). Mascara is the most important part of my look and has to last and look great!

After wearing it almost daily I have to say the new YSL mascara is my absolute favorite and trust me I have tried many different ones.


Why I love my new mascara:

It works with sensitive eyes

It lasts with no issues all day, even the long days when you are traveling from one time zone to another!

It makes your lashes look long and voluptuous without any mess of gluing on fake lashes!

Your lashes will look gorgeous! My favorite is to apply 2 coats…try it and you wont regret it!

No smudging, no mess! Yet comes off easy for bedtime

Last but not least, it looks beautiful!

 Even though this mascara might seem a bit pricey it’s totally worth it and your lashes will thank you for the moisturizing effect as well!

I think the biggest thing for me is that there is no funny smell that I remember from the YSL mascaras that I used couple years ago! Huge plus for the ladies with sensitive noses

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”


Mornings are usually my busy time. I try to get everything done after my kids have breakfast and before lunch.

Our mornings are usually ruled by routine. We wake up anytime between 8 and 9. Some mornings my kids climb up to my bed and we snuggle and watch something in bed before we head to kitchen and I make breakfast.

Since PrettyPrettyPrincess is 6 going on 16 she likes to make breakfast and I try to have easy stuff around that she can make/put together.

After breakfast she usually helps to clean up and my sweet munchkins shower and get dressed while I finish the dishes.

If there is any schoolwork or anything done it usually happens after that.

If the weather is nice we stay outside a lot.

I usually sit down after I’m done picking up (our house is usually pretty clean so it doesn’t take long) and have something quick and easy while I go over my schedules, check emails, social media and plan out what else is going on.

Lunch is usually the time they sit in the dining room and either play or color or do school work.

After lunch we usually either start getting ready for dinner plans or they watch a movie while I get some work done.

Depending on the day we either eat dinner at home or we head out after hubby gets home and stay gone till bed times.

Both kids are usually in bed by 8:30 and asleep latest by 9. This is our quiet time so we talk about our days, catch up on tv shows or watch a movie.