One Day 2014

Previous years our day has been quite busy but yesterday was quite laid back, no plans kind of day. It is nice to have days like that when you can just go with it and hang out with your kids. Morning started with hubby surprising us with doughnuts, it happens quite often because he has a crazy work schedule and this is the fastest way to kick off the morning in a good way. when he has time he will whip up some amazing breakfast but usually we have breakfast without him which means the choices are pretty limited since mommy is not too crazy about cooking.


Our mornings are pretty routine free and the kids don’t have a set time to wake up unless we need to be somewhere. I try to wake up at 6 to spend some quiet time with hubby. Next one is usually the little man who rushes downstairs looking for daddy. They have their own little morning routine where they play a game or watch tv or just snuggle on the couch. Last one to wake up is PrettyPrettyPrincess. Since bedtime is a struggle with her it shows in the morning when she is grumpy.

Depending on the weather I usually take her out to run and jump while boys take showers and get dressed and then it’s girls time to get prettyfied.

We are attending a wedding this weekend and she is a junior bridesmaid so yesterday we were going over her clothes and shoes. I can’t wait to see her all dressed up because she will look so beautiful. She was checking if her nails really match her sparkly shoes. Yes, they do!



Most days we do school work before lunch and they both relax with their kindle and DS when I’m cooking and yesterday was not different. She loves her kindle and it’s probably one of the best birthday presents she has got. I have read about many parents hating it and not letting their kids use them but in our family it has only helped and improved. She doesn’t go to kindergarten because it’s not mandatory were we live and unfortunately the schools around us are not the greatest. Since she is on 1st grade level I’m not too worried about sending her straight to first grade next year when we move.

kindle time

After lunch we clean up, finished putting laundry away and then looked through tons of sugar skulls. She wanted to make masks so we sat down to look at pinterest and ended up with sugar skulls that she loved. We had so much fun talking and coloring. She colored hers while I did his and he picked the colors and gave me instructions. I’m not too crafty but I love to do small projects with my kids. I’m definitely not a mom whol will save milk cartons to make something or to put together origami zoo.

sugar skulls


We have been blessed with beautiful fall weather lately and we are trying to take the last of it before we get hit with rain or snow. So daily walks to park or playground are on our schedule.



My little monkeys love to climb, jump and spend time outside. So very different from my childhood. I grew up in a city and although we went to park almost daily I have never been big on getting down and dirty. I love to see them laugh and be silly.

I was lucky yesterday to steal 30 minutes to myself and lay down with magazines and chocolate. I love chocolate!

mommy time


When I make dinner they usually watch something or play math games on the computer. If I cook something easy they might help me but it makes me nervous when they are both running around in the kitchen while I try to cook.

Dinner, baths and then snuggles in our bed. They were tired but obviously got their energy back when daddy was heading home so they had to wait for him so they can scare him.

waiting for daddy


Running around and being loud with daddy and then bed time. It went pretty good last night. Not all nights are good though. He goes to bed easier while she will throw a huuuuuge fit. If she goes to bed then she will run to our room 20 times and climb on us until we threaten to take away something. She has lost her kindle quite a few times and last time she had had it back for only few hours when she lost it again. Parenting is easy when you have an easy kid. We have an easy one and one that is a challenge but when she does good it makes it that much better!

lights out


Almost midnight and I’m finally ready to turn the lights off and go to sleep. I would love to be in bed by 10 but time just flies and some days I feel like there isn’t enough hours to get everything done. It doesn’t help I’a perfectionist.

It was fun to document our day and it will be great to look back at this day next year.

Oh Germany!

Last 6 months have been hard. It wasn’t an easy decision to come back to the states after 6+ years in Germany, it wasn’t really even a decision made by us but more of the way things “worked out”. We knew we would miss it: people, customs, food, places…


But we really didn’t have a choice at the time, at least.

And 6 months later we are more than sure we want to go back. I’m sure the fact that we came back with an illusion of how people have changed and places have gotten better didn’t help. It was one bad experience and disappointment after another, rude awakening from our bliss.

We feel slightly out of place, not quite comfortable and I’m sure our rocky road and bad experiences in the beginning didn’t set us on the best road and only made the feelings for Germany stronger.


There’s two kind of people who PCS (move with the army) to Germany: the first group is  the people who will try every food, visit all the exciting places in Germany and Europe and take the maximum of what these 3 years (or in our case 6+) can offer and the second group is people who absolutely hate Germany before they even get on the plane to fly there. First group will be sad to leave while the second one will never even bother to unpack.


For our family it was always a great experience. We loved the food and enjoyed trying foods in different regions, we planned weekends like other people plan their wedding and we enjoyed the culture, nature and diversity you can find anywhere without judgement. Our kids consider Germany their home and miss it!

I can’t wait to pack up our house and family to take a flight back to Europe and at this point stay for good.


Oscar de la Renta



Last night the world got the news of another great man passing. Oscar de la Renta: a real fashion legend, great talent and a wonderful gentleman, had passed away after a long fight with cancer. I had a honor to know him and he was a such a bright light. He would always take the time to catch up and ask how you were doing, compliment you. He was a gentleman in the true sense of the word, something that is very rare today. He loved color and making women look and feel beautiful. His battle with cancer was known to a smaller circle for years but looking at him you would only see the smile that would brighten up the room. Last night when I told my husband he asked me how old he was and without thinking I said “60ish?” He was so vital that age literally was just a number.

He is already missed!

RIP Oscar!

One Day 2014


I’m super excited to say Wednesday will be third year for me to take part of #OneDayHH hosted by Laura aka @hollywoodhwife. It’s a wonderful way to document one day in your life and share this day either on Instagram or share your blog post about it.

Here you can see the 2 previous years of One day:

One Day 2013

One Day 2012

Here’s how it works on Wednesday (all the details and more info via @hollywoodhwife):

Snap pictures throughout the day. Upload to Instagram and make sure and use the #OneDayHH hashtag so that we can all follow one another.

Photos don’t have to be particularly artsy or beautifully composed. The emphasis is on WHAT you’re capturing, not how awesome you can make it look. (So, basically the opposite of how you normally use Instagram, ha!)

Feel free to use the graphic above (I’ll be posting it and others to Instagram) in your own stream to give fair warning to your friends and followers. We’ll all be posting more than usual on Wednesday, so a little heads up courtesy and explanation might be nice for people. Remind everyone that it’s just for ONE DAY. You can also tag me @hollywoodhwife so I know you’re participating!

If you can’t commit to the whole day, that’s okay! Jump in when you can. The more the merrier.

Consider using all the same filter or border on your One Day photos. I made a photo book of my One Day shots from last year, and I loved the way it looked.

Check back here on the blog on Wednesday. I’ll be posting some of my shots, and there will also be a link up. Everyone can participate in the link up using their Instagram account, and bloggers can link to their wrap up posts if they’d rather. There will be a little incentive for those who use the link up.

Who will join in on the fun and document their day?

Funny t-shirt


This made me laugh. I think all moms and dads have been through the “”I’m not tired!” and not even 5 minutes later their kid is snoring on the floor” phase. Hmm, can I call it a phase if it lasts for most of their childhood and looking at my teen it might even continue into early teenage years?

I know this will go on my Christmas list ;)

You can find it here

Seize the day

When 29-year-old newlywed Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with 4 glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, and given only 6 months to live she decided to face it the same way she has faced her life: being fearless and choosing to die with dignity.

She and her entire family has moved to Portland so she could have access to Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, which has been in place since late 1997. Since then, 1,173 people have had prescriptions written under the act, and 752 have used them to die. Oregon is one of five U.S. states that allow patients to die with dignity. Her doctor prescribed a pill that will allow her to end her life peacefully and painlessly. Maynard says she plans to die this November 1st in her bedroom, surrounded by her mother, stepfather, husband and best friend.

“I’m dying, but I’m choosing to suffer less,” she says, “to put myself through less physical and emotional pain and my family as well.” said Brittany Maynard to People magazine.

Such a heartbreaking but brave decision! 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins


Fall has become one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons: beautiful colors, crisp air and naturally all the delicious foods that you associate with it. This year I have been busy and haven’t really spent that much time baking but this morning was perfect to whip up some delicious and easy to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins.



Pumpkin creme cheese muffins



1 cup sugar

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)

2 eggs

1/4 cup milk

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 cups sifted all-purpose flour


8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla


Preheat oven to 350°.

Stir pumpkin, oil, and sugar together in a large bowl. Stir in eggs, pumpkin pie spice, salt, and baking soda. Stir in 1 cup flour, then stir in milk, then stir in remaining 1 cup flour. Divide evenly among muffin pans, filling each liner 1/2 full.

Stir together cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Drop 1 tablespoon onto the top of each muffin.

Bake for about 15 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the muffin part comes out with just a few crumbs stuck too it.

Cool at least 5 minutes before serving. Store in refrigerator.