H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection

I’m super excited for H&M’s third Conscious Exclusive Collection, eco-friendly collection made from high quality materials like organic leather from Sweden and mulberry tree-cultivated silk. This limited edition collection is loved by celebs like Michelle Williams, Kate Mara and Sophia Bush and hits the selected store on April 10 and is priced from $17 (headband) to $549 (lace dress that could be worn as a wedding gown).


Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum and Kate Mara in H&M via

Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum and Kate Mara in H&M via

Some of my favorites from this collection (via):






Giveaway winners!

The Fashion Huntress in the winner of the jewelry set!

Kayle is the winner of the gift card!

Natalie Yeoman is the winner of the gift card!


Please contact me at pearlsdiamondseverythingelse (at) gmail.com by Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Happy Birthday GIVEAWAY !

Today is my birthday and I decided to throw a small GIVEAWAY (courtesy of Majestical.com)

You could win this beautiful skinny spike necklace and earring set from Majestical.com. All you have to do is follow my blog and follow my Facebook page.

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Beautiful necklace and earring set from Majestical.com that will spice up any outfit!

Beautiful necklace and earring set from Majestical.com that will spice up any outfit!

But that’s not all…

Like I said it is my birthday and I love my followers so I’m also giving away 2 gift cards to Majestical.com.  Awesome, right?

All of my readers will also have a chance to use 15DOLLARSOFF code for $15 off of orders for $55 or more!

This GIVEAWAY will be open until April 3rd for everybody in the USA and I will also mail this to APO!

How would you wear this jewelry set?

Get Styled By Me

Some of the most popular posts on my blog are the lookbook and style posts.

Casual Day

Casual Day

I have always been the girl in my group of friends that gets the call before the date night or important work event to check what would be the best outfit ideas. My phone and email is constantly buzzing with pictures of things my friends want to buy but want the last bit of advice before heading to registry.

From today on everybody has a chance to get styled by me!

Just go to my profile and click Get Styled By Me!

It’s completely free!

It’s a fun way to find new items to add to your closet or maybe even go through a complete makeover.



For the last few years the fashion world has been rocked by scandals that involve fashion photographer Terry Richardson and many young models. These stories will pop up and get some attention to just be covered up weeks later. I think everybody in the fashion industry knows the stories and have either decided to pretend they have no clue what’s going on or they have publicly announced they won’t work with him. After all we are talking about Terry Richardson – celebrity favorite and well known fashion photographer who has shot every culturally relevant celebrity of the past decade — Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and even the President himself and the list goes on!

He is the mastermind behind Miley Cyrus’ controversial “new” look and video for “Wrecking Ball” was directed by him.

But to many young models he is known as “Uncle Terry” who has a taste for tampon tea and handjobs among other things…

Over the years many models have become forward with stories about him and I’m glad to say Jezebel.com is digging deeper and seems to be determined to publish all the stories that many fashion industry insiders have heard but would rather hide.

One of them is Sarah Hilker who met Terry Richardson at a party for the Suicide Girls website when she was 17 years old. Danish supermodel Rie Rasmussen spoke out against Richardson in 2010Jamie Peck was another one that came forward with her experience just days after Rie Rasmussen had. Last week another former model Charlotte Waters revealed her story on Reddit (The user amaheygirlhey described her story on the TwoXChromosomes thread on Reddit). Many others have said they regret shooting with him or wouldn’t do it again. Yet, celebrities love him!

Although these “rumors” have been out in the open since 2010 many have doubted them because how is it possible, especially considering how rare it is to have just the photographer on the set. Finally there’s a name and face to go with this allegation as well.

Leslie Lessin has been positively identified by both, Jamie Peck and Charlotte Waters, as a stylist that Richardson has worked with professionally for years (including a cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar featuring Miley Cyrus) and has been a witness and partner in crime to Richardson.

Terry Richardson full letter denying the sexual harassment claims against him are now online, at Page Six and on the Huffington Post. In the letter he doesn’t really explain what he has been accused of or the nature of the rumors but he goes on to to compare his work to Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton and brushes off the many reports of harassment against him as “on-going quest for controversy-generated page views”.

Is he really just like any other famous photographer making art or is he the creepy “Uncle Terry” hiding behind his lens?

He seems defensive on his art rather than on his behavior. His work is popular and praised, but Richardson surely abuses his position of power. Oppressing and sexually harassing young women has nothing to do with the process of creating art. I’m certain that more people will come forward and tell their stories.

Don’t forget to read Jamie Peck’s response to Richardson’s letter and also see the list of names of people (e.g. Coco Rocha, Lena Dunham) who have had a bad experience with Terry Richardson or regret working with him.

A movement to boycott publications and brands that work with Richardson is getting more and more supporters, from #nomoreterry hashtag to the petition on Change.org.

Who supports Terry Richardson:

GQ 12 covers and 8 editorials in 4 years.

Harper’s Bazaar 21 covers and 22 editorials in 4 years ( +9 international covers).


US Vogue hasn’t used him since 2010 (4 editorials), British Vogue 5 editorials in 2 years but all the overseas editions are using him quite frequently

Interview 1 cover and 6 editorials in 3 years

W magazine has used Mr Richardson twice since 2010 for editorials

Esquire and Elle have used him once.

Read more:

A Horrifying Timeline of Terry Richardson Allegations, From Trash Cans to Tampon Tea

Another take on the rumors by Jennifer Wright: Wait, DOES Terry Richardson’s work exploit women? 

Young Model’s Shocking Terry Richardson Story Sparks a #NoMoreTerry Boycott 

Model on Terry Richardson: I Wouldn’t Work With Him Again

How Many Models Will Speak Out Against Terry Richardson Before The Fashion Industry Cares?

Terry Richardson Is A Big, Gigantic Pervert

Coco Rocha: I won’t Work With Terry Richardson Again

Exposing Terry Richardson, Fashion’s Favorite “Pervert”

How many models will speak out against Richardson before the fashion industry takes some action and stops using him for shoots? 

Outfit of the day

Beautiful necklace from Forever 21 and top from Old Navy

Beautiful necklace from Forever 21 and top from Old Navy

My last shopping trip ended in gorgeous finds from Old Navy and Forever 21. I was looking for a yellow statement necklace that would pop and would bring some color to my outfit and ended up finding this beautiful flower necklace that will brighten up any outfit. I wore it yesterday and I’m just in love with the way it looks! Another great find was navy and white striped short sleeved top. I found it first online but wanted to try it on before buying because stripes can look funny sometimes. Well, I ended up loving it on me!

Quick #selfie before heading out

Quick #selfie before heading out

This necklace is perfect if you are looking for that ONE statement piece to add color and some fun to your otherwise serious outfit but you can also wear it with simple tank and jeans. Very versatile and fun!

It's all in the details

It’s all in the details

Forever 21 necklace

Old Navy top

Coach Kameron sneakers with sequins

Michael Kors bag

AG Jeans 

Leather jacket from Zara (many seasons ago)

Peter Som puts his spin on Kohl’s DesigNation

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Peter Som for Kohl's via

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Peter Som for Kohl’s via

Last weekend I was going through my usual stack of gossip magazines and happened to see a picture of Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Peter Som’s new collaboration for Kohl’s pants. As much as I love pretty skirts, and this summer is perfect for crop tops and full skirts, I love pants! These casual yet fun pants won me over in a heartbeat and they will available online and in stores April 10! I also can’t over how gorgeous are her shoes but that is whole another topic!

These are my favorite looks that I will more than likely try to get

Inspired by beautiful St Barths and prices ranging from $38 to just $88!

Who else is excited to shop this collaboration?

Support a cause, support your legs

For the last 10+ years I have been travelling a lot. Long flights and finding cute but comfortable clothing for it can be a challenge. Especially if you are looking for something small like socks or knee highs that actually support your legs and help with blood circulation when high in the air. I was just faced with this challenge a week a go when we flew from Germany to the USA.



I was lucky to find SoxxyAir that increases circulation, reduces jet lag, swelling, muscle soreness and helps decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis. I know this sounds very boring and medical but more and more young woman are facing the risks of it, especially when flying.

SoxxyAir offers socks, knee highs, thigh highs and even leggings in cute prints and colors.

20140310114117-Charity_Sox (1)

SoxxyAir socks will be available end of April 2014 and don’t forget to use a special code that will give all my readers 20% off. Just add SoxxyAirs

You can find more information and support the cause by going to this page and make sure to watch a short video of Sarah Stabile who created SoxxyAir

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