Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures

Couple a months ago I was scrolling through the many books on Audible looking for something for my soon to be 6-year-old PrettyPrettyPrincess. She is extremely picky when it comes to books.

I read the description of Flora and Ulysses and knew this book had a good chance of captivating her interest. After all it’s about a little girl and a superhero squirrel. She likes to listen to it and giggles when she tells me part of the book. Chapters are short and entertaining even for older siblings and/or parents.

Great book to pick up for bedtime reading or for the long drives.

You can find it on Audible.com and Amazon.com

American Horror Story: Coven

This week has been absolutely crazy: tons of packing, stressing and then crashing on the couch with hubby to watch American Horror Story: Coven (finally on Netflix!) We missed it when we were stationed in Germany so it was great to finally find it online.

It’s safe to say that the first and third season of AHS are my favorites! Asylum is not bad but at times it felt like too many ideas were thrown together and it got a bit too much for it to have the Wow factor that the show usually has. Season 2 was just too much weirdness with a few character lines that kept you going eg Kip, Lana, Sister Jude.

Watching Coven every night (well, it only lasted 3 nights for us) has been very enjoyable because as you can imagine the storyline and characters are interesting and very fashionable at that.

Myrtle Snow (played by Frances Conroy) was twinning with fashion’s famous Grace Goddington. Her complex history with Fiona (played by Jessica Lange), quirky accessories and fashion quotes made her one of the center characters. How can you forget her famous last words: “Balenciaga!”

 My absolute favorite was Cordelia (played by Sarah Paulson). In the beginning of the season her look was more refined with the straightened hair and sleek silhouettes. End of the season her looks got more feminine and and the straight black will feature florals.


One of my favorites was this Dolce&Gabbana skirt. Her overall style is beautiful!



My wish list

mom wish list


December has been so hectic that I haven’t really even thought about what could be on my wish list.

I love to read and I have a long list of books that I keep adding. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith is the second Cormoran Strike novel.

I don’t drink but at times this Kate Spade Silver Street-Happy hour flask might come handy

I’m always on the lookout for new notebooks and planners. I like to scribble things down and then forget about it. These Rifle Paper Co gold foil notebooks are too cute to not have them in your bag for the random thoughts.

I’m a mom so no matter how big of a bag I carry I will still have hands full with toys and books that don’t fit or drinks or half eaten cheese burgers that they will eat later or so they say. This Ted Baker tote is perfect!

I love to snuggle on the couch with my littles or hide in the bedroom with a book. This Kennebunk Home “Bliss” plush throw is great for nights like that and the gorgeous pink Zara one will add color to any room. You can’t be grumpy when snuggled up in this.

I love jewelry and stocking simple bangles is my thing. Kate Spade has tons of cute bangles. Like the simple gold “heart of gold” one or the black and gold “seriously darling” one. Seriously darling, you need one.

I have been obsessing over this bag for a few months now. This bag is the coolest mom bag you can have. It fits a lot and looks great! Even Olivia Palermo has one…see, I told you this bag was cool! I didn’t see the blue one anymore but they still have the classic black with gold hardware.

Everybody needs the small Jonathan Adler zebra tray for their small jewelry or just to add some glam to their table.

Candles! A must during the cold and dark winter nights.

I can never find my keys! They are always somewhere in the bottom of my bag or in the pocket of my coat. A while back I had 2 of these fox fur key rings on my keys and it made the search so much easier. Have to replace them ASAP!

I love rings and this amazing looking Nudo amethyst and gold ring is a classic.

JuJu hats…I love them and husband hates them! Probably a piece that will never make it to our bedroom unless some kind of new and very expensive gaming system comes out that I can use as leverage lol!

I giggle every time when I look at the “Heavily Medicated” bag. Great for all the meds and bandaids you might have in your bag,

I fell in love with this white wraparound blouse right away. It’s very versatile yet simple.

Everybody needs a little sparkle in their closet and the silver sequin pants are a must!



Hectic has been the keyword for the last month and continues to be as we pack up our house for the 3rd move in 10 months. My house is a huge mess right now and I wish I could have elves pack and move it or maybe have somebody sprinkle fairy dust over us and we would wake up in our new home tomorrow with everything unpacked and in place. Since I’m not that lucky I have to do it all by myself. I’m lucky to have a great husband who won’t leave this for me and does a lot.

Until yesterday I didn’t even think I would decorate for the holidays but now I’m excited to move in before Christmas and have my holiday decor up.

Kate Middleton and Seraphine…perfection in maternity style?


Kate Middleton stepped out in a black turtleneck dress from one of her go-to maternity brands Seraphine. This classic and very simple black dress is perfect for holiday season and gives you numerous ways to dress it up or down depending on the event. Best part about this dress is the price…you can get this dress for $99 on Seraphine.com.

Another beautiful piece from Seraphine is the coat she has been wearing.


You can add this to your closet for $495

I love her maternity style that is so simple, yet very elegant.

Beautiful tradition of Christmas cards


It’s a second year we have weird Christmas. Last year we were rushing to put the tree and all the decorations up so we could take it down right after New Years so the movers can pack it for our oveseas move and this year we still haven’t put anything up because we are about to move and will spend Christmas at my mother-in-law’s house. It’s strange to be in limbo during the holidays.

We have our family traditions and one of them is sending out Christmas cards: no matter where we are or how busy we are, this is a constant from year to year.

It’s a beautiful way to share some holiday cheer with family and friends that are far away and let them know they are in our hearts and on our minds even when we might not be able to spend the holidays with them.

For the last few years I have picked out whatever cards our PX in Germany had to offer but this year I’m going with Minted. I’m super excited because I have been on the receiving end of their darling cards and finally being back in the states we can use them.

Their cards always stand out because of their high quality and beautiful designs that have the luxe element thanks to different options of paper or foil.

When I was scrolling through all the designs and I decided to go with the gold foil printing that will look very festive on our family card. You can never go wrong with little bit of gold (there’s also an option of silver and copper) if you ask me!

Whole process of uploading your picture and ordering is very easy and fast. Only part that might take forever is picking the right design because Minted has a big selection of cards and they are all gorgeous.

Can you tell I had too much fun creating our Christmas card?


Have you already ordered your cards? 

What are your holiday traditions that you keep no matter what else is going on in your life?

minted 4 minted3

On My Nightstand…

Ill Drink to That A Life in Style with a Twist


My list of books for 2014 is really short. I will blame it on stress, hectic days and nights and constantly being on the move. I have only read a few books this year and mostly bought books on audible. I’ll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist is a wonderful and witty memoir of the most famous personal shopper Betty Halbreich. She has worked as a personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman for 37 years and has dressed many rich and famous: Meryl Streep, Lauren Bacall, Joan Rivers…just to name a few. As a brassy Chicago native she explores her childhood, her married life and goes behind the closed curtains of the dressing room where she helps not just to pick out the perfect dress but also listens. She is outspoken and witty. I think this book is a good addition to anybody’s book collection but especially for the ones that love fashion and have once worked retail.